BB | Bead Blast

BB | Bead Blast

  • Thickness: 0,4-3,00 
  • Length: 1000/1250/1500/2000 
  • Height: 2000/2500/3000/4000 up to 6000 
  • Non-standard formats available upon request
  • Thickness: 0,4-3,0 
  • Length: 1000/1250/1500 
  • Height: 2000/2500/3000/4000 
  • Non-standard formats available upon request

Physical Vapor Deposition

PVD coating is a process that doesn’t alter the chemical composition of the starting material, but instead changes the coloring by depositing titanium particles, donating to the metal a new and captivating appearance.

Nano Ceramic Coating

NCC is obtained through an electro-chemical process that confers an anti-fingerprint surface to the material, on which it is extremely difficult for bacteria to survive. The material is therefore easy-cleaning and hydro repellent, more durable and resistant to corrosion with respect to normal stainless steel. It is not yet possible to apply the NCC technology to materials with Super Mirror finishing.

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